Your Property Manager

For the past six years my clients have hired me for a wide range of property management jobs such as:

  • Weekly property checks
  • Hosting guests
  • Arranging for my top-notch housekeepers  
  • Getting your home ready for your arrival 
  • Property and garden maintenance
  • Handling emergencies
  • Being first contact for the VvE
  • Mail handling
  • Working with your property insurance issues
  • Registration with utility service providers 
  • Handling payment of utilities if needed
  • Independent property/real estate search

From ensuring you are on the best possible utility and insurance tariffs, through cleaning and gardening services to keeping an eye on your Amsterdam property while you are away. No task is too big or small for me. 

I specialise in bringing you a high standard and cost-effective home management solution for your property whether you are in residence or away. I simply deliver the care that your home deserves.

Should any issue arise, such as a broken tap or boiler, I source the most reliable and qualified contractors and make sure that any problem is attended to in a quick and efficient way. You can trust and rely on me when it comes to the day-to-day running of your home and I will become a reliable port of call for both you and your tenant if you should have one or not.

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