Your Personal Concierge

In addition to property related errands, my clients use my Concierge service to satisfy their personal needs. Concierge tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Managing restaurant or boat tour bookings
  • Getting your vehicle serviced
  • Arranging for pet-care
  • Arranging for schooling advice for your children
  • Arranging customised tours for your guests or friends
  • Purchasing and delivery of groceries
  • Pick up & delivery to the dry cleaner
  • Relocation service for expats
  • Personal shopping
  • Handling communications with local authorities
  • Getting you settled in Amsterdam when you come from abroad
  • Catering service & staffing
  • Refurbishment supervision

As your Personal Concierge I will always go one step further than the average property manager. My personal philosophy is to provide close and direct services to fulfil your personal wants and needs in matters which may have nothing to do with your house.

​From delivering groceries to getting your car serviced, just give me your “to do list” and I will handle it. Being your part-time Personal Assistant, I put great emphasis on attention to detail and will deliver hands-on and tailor-made concierge support to GIVE YOU BACK THE TIME YOU NEED.

My wide network of specialists means that I will always have a fast and reliable solution for your request.

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