Gortz & Crown

Professional nannies / family managers & Exclusive Senior Home Care

Görtz & Crown is the training and mediation agency for professional nannies. We recruit and select suitable candidates, train them to become professional nannies and then place them with a suitable client within the higher segment. Görtz & Crown works in the Netherlands and Belgium, but also places nannies in other countries.

Relieving families is the primary task of Görtz & Crown, it is in our genes. Until 2020 only for families with growing children. However, we are convinced that we can also relieve the elderly, their possible partner and busy families, so that the elderly are less lonely and can continue to live independently at home for longer with a companion and support. We are an extension of the caring family. We call the 'nannies for grannies' G&C Companions. Our nannies, family managers and companions take care of private households, leaving time for those who need attention and care.

Thorough training and education are of paramount importance at Görtz & Crown. That is why G&C has been working on its own G&C Academy since 2012. The learning resources of the G&C Academy guarantee optimal preparation for the specific working environment for our G&C nannies and Companions. In order to continue to meet the high desired quality standards, we only mediate people who are willing to undergo permanent training.

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